This is a picture I took during a demonstration for a lighting class for DIT’s Photo Society in Temple Bar. 

New old things.

Sarah at our first flat in Ranelagh. Smallest bedroom ever. 

I love travelling with this female. She makes me stress less.

Animals! Animals! We love animals! 

The (once) fantastic Mr. Fox. RIP. Found in an antique shop in Ennis. 

A shrine to Mary: a common site in Ireland. Ennis, Clare. 

We found the most incredible antique shop in Ennis, County Clare. 

A dog called Pixie.

Sarah and Robyn at Splashy Fen festival 2012. It’s a lovely location, and used to be the biggest event of the year for us. Swimming in the river despite the threat of extremities freezing, drinking with friends, not being able to walk 10 minutes without seeing someone you know, going nuts at the Blunt stage, watching underage kids throw up next to the bonfire. 2012 was the last year we went (as a goodbye before we left for Dublin) but even then the wheels were coming off. Bob said it best on Durban is Yours, but the organisers have since threatened legal action so his article has been taken down:

The Viking Project launched their EP in Dun Laoghaire on Friday. Filthy folk redeemed by four angelic voiced vocalists. More pictures soon.

Give them a listen

The DIT Vodafone fashion show is on tonight. This is my second year covering it, and as the second of everything in Ireland comes around Sarah and I are concious of the fact that we’ve been here a while now. Second Christmas, second Halloween, second New Years Eve. We’re still here, still not homeless and still grateful for all the people who have helped us along the way. This is the image I shot for the poster with make-up and styling by Helene and Laura Duffy and art direction by Max Fedorov.

See previous post. 

For the people in Durban who know them, Robyn and Justin have settled in what can only be described as the Umbilo of Dublin. Now I lived in Umbilo for a couple of years myself and I would not have been too surprised to have an uninvited potato come crashing through my window. Which is what happened to them. After less than two weeks of living there. The famine is clearly over. 

I took this picture as a cover for a double a-side the Punch Face Champions and Between Screams are launching at The Grand Social. Admission is a mere five euro, which includes live performances by both bands, a CD and a small exhibition. If you’re in Dublin on the 26th, come say hi.  FB event here: 

Thanks to Rory for posing on Dublin’s finest beach. Best grumpy face in the business.