Parking lots and moonrise silhouettes. 

Slumming it in Wexford.

We recently discovered that we’ve got access to a massive roof garden. We’ll be eating dinner there until it gets too cold again. 

Copenhagen is cooler than you. 

Stay classy, Dublin.

I went to my GAA match and watched Dublin trash Meath at gaelic football on the infamous hill 16. 

Champong Hero in traditional headdress. 

By Kevin Goss-Ross and Christoffer Rosenfeldt.

The world’s most incredible guitar tech at Roskilde Festival 2014. Right before working at The Awesome Welles' gig. 

By Kevin Goss‐Ross and Christoffer Rosenfeldt


Devil’s Glen, Ireland. 


The Spanish Arch in Galway city, built in 1584. 

Holding on to what’s important. 

Aston Quay, Dublin. 

Moore Street is my favourite little shithole in Dublin. Non safety matches, untaxed cigarettes, hair extensions, smartphone unlocking and questionable ‘fresh’ produce. It’s like walking into a different country. I took this portrait while testing light to take the final shot with my Mamiya RZ67, but I somehow destroyed that roll of film. Not that I’ll ever know, but I doubt the film shot would’ve been as good with the subject presenting himself in a specific way for the final photograph. 

Backstage at the cheeky exhibition / double A-Side launch at The Grand Social recently, Steve writes on his little guest list.